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Why waiting for the markets to drop is punishing you - 24-06-2021

Prices were high at the start of the year. By April power prices were pushing record highs. Now after a bit of volatility, the markets are at dizzy heights. Suddenly, securing your volume back in April which seemed so expensive is looking smart. Could we be saying the same thing about June, come September?


If you have an October 21 renewal, and you are sitting there, waiting for the markets to drop, well your now looking at 3 month window left. That’s not much time and you’re going to have to show strong hands as there is very little to indicate prices will move downwards at present, in fact it’s been going up throughout. We did see a pull back in May, but it was not a dramatic fall as you would hope, and recovered within a few days.


So, how much risk are you willing to take? Or should it be, how much you are able to bear?