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Turbine Saga continues

Close price: Prices closed higher, with Electric breaking once more into all time highs, gas just short of doing the same. Upward momentum is simply very strong right now. Its a struggle to find any positive news that will improve the supply picture this winter.

The main driver is Nord Stream 1 and the turbine saga. German Chancellor Olaf Shulz, along with Siemens Energy CEO Christian Bruch, are reportedly set to visit the stuck Siemens turbine in Germany today. They have stated that the turbine is ready for delivery however Russia continues to cite contract and customs issues which prevent delivery from taking place.
Opening price: Prices are trading higher this morning. As well as the turbine situation, watch out for the meeting between OPEC+ today, who are reviewing if they will ramp up supply from September. Oil is down to $100/barrel as it awaits the outcome of this meeting.