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This is no longer an Energy Crisis. It's much more

Close price: In the end, that drop i spoke about yesterday? Blink and its gone. That ray of hope? Its replaced once again by dark clouds hanging over Europe. Am i over dramatic? Perhaps. But the security of Energy supply has never more concerning. Prices closed higher for what seems to be the 8th day straight. Its been relentless.   

Opening price: Liquidity is really poor this morning, but prices are lifting when traded. The German parliament are due to meet today to vote on emergency gas laws in an attempt to maintain security of supply. Simply put, they are deeply worried. And they have every reason to be.

Wind generation remains strong In the UK, providing 25% of electric mix. Brent Oil touched below $100 briefly on recession fears. Initial data from Atlanta Fed shows   -2.1% GDP for the U.S.A, which would plunge the nation into an official recession if confirmed.