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Norway strike action resolved

This is not a fairy tale.
Not a dream.
Scott finally has some positive news while you enjoy your morning cup of tea.

Markets did hit all time highs intraday yesterday, Things were looking very worrying indeed at one point. But a late day sell off meant prices were only marginally up from the previous day.

Then comes the good news. Prices are down today. Yes I repeat down. A fair bit too. Firstly, the strike action over in Norway has been averted and resolved. The Norwegian government have stepped in and appear to have struck a deal with the union.

Next, oil dropped nearly 10% yesterday on renewed recession fears. The global economic outlook is deteriorating in most regions, and weaker economic growth often leads to reduced oil demand. Will you see a 10% reduction at the pump soon though? That might be a stretch.

Finally, UK wind output is forecasted to increase exponentially from yesterday, flooding the grid with cheap electricity. A ray of hope. Its just a ray though. We need more days like this.