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Markets drop further - 08-07-2021

The markets are dropping, England are into the European final and restrictions are ending in less than 2 weeks. What more could you ask for in life? Will these all last? Lets hope so! In the last two days, the wholesale markets are down roughly 10%, that’s more than noteworthy.

Yesterday, it all fell apart for OPEC+, who failed to agree a supply cut on oil production. Which means it could become a bit of a free for all out there in production. As a result a barrel of brent dropped from $77 to $72. For a long time, OPEC have, perhaps unfairly at times, manipulated the oil market. Is this a sign there iron grip on the commodity is weakening?

Have you been waiting for the markets to drop in the last couple months? Well now might be your time to strike. They could drop further of course. More still they could bounce back in a flash. Take a look how quickly the drop in May recovered for reference, in a matter of days it was back to the same level.

So, are you prepared to roll the dice again? Or take your chips off the table. The choice is yours.