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Energy Markets remain extremely volatile - 25-02-2022

Close price: Unsurprisingly, there was extreme volatility in the markets yesterday and we have seen a momentous rise in valuations, particularly in the gas market which ended the day 46% higher. This was all as a result of the full scale invasion of Ukraine, and the consequences that could follow.  

Opening price: Prices have opened lower today, but the volatility in the market is so high, it is difficult to gauge which way prices could end up by close of play. Sadly, these market reports may have to focus on the conflict for a while, as other fundamentals are doing little right now to influence market movements, such is the scale of influence and risk the conflict could have further on energy prices.

Russian forces have this morning reached Kyiv, and the city braces itself for full scale conflict. The Ukrainian government has called on citizens to support its military, with no age restrictions now to defend its capital and country. Developments on this today could dramatically influence prices again.