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Attack on Zaporizhzhia nuclear plant shakes markets once again - 04-03-2022

Close price: Wholesale prices had an incredibly volatile day, posting record highs interday, and large losses at close. Overall markets were down slightly from previous close.

Opening price: Some frightening developments at the Zaporizhzhia nuclear plant overnight has shaken the markets and much of the world. There is a global outcry. Boris Johnson said he would seek an emergency meeting of the UN Security Council today over the attack that could have been catastrophic. Thankfully, reports are the reactor itself is undamaged.   A response from NATO and the west is expected, with UK foreign Secretary Liz Truss calling today “one of the biggest days of diplomacy”. Ms Truss said she wanted allies to agree to do more to restrict Russian oil and gas exports. This has sent gas and power prices higher this morning.